Top 5 websites for travel

Everyone loves to travel, but knowing where to go, eat, stay and what is worth checking out while on vacation is often difficult, especially when there is so much choice available.

Luckily, the Internet is awash with fantastic travel websites which are overflowing with incredibly informative and useful information, reviews, photographs and recommendations from both professional travel writers and regular people alike. Many of these travel sites double up as communities where people share their insider tips and experiences, so you can really get a feel for a place and get an idea what is good and what’s worth avoiding altogether. Here are our top five to get you started.


  1. TripAdvisor
    The definitive community travel website. TripAdvisor is basically unbeatable when it comes to finding reviews of restaurants, hotels, accommodation and attractions, and because so many people use it, you know that you are getting a good overview. When you are in a particular area or city, you can also search restaurants in that place and order them by rating and rank, as well as filtering them by cuisine, price and so on. So when you’re on your travels, you can just load it on your phone and scroll down to find somewhere to eat that evening. The site also has forums where you can talk with other travellers and ask questions.
  2. Lonely Planet
    Put together for dedicated travel enthusiasts who really know their stuff, Lonely Planet is an extensive travel website with many purposes, and it covers everywhere you can imagine in incredible depth. Its detailed travel guides cover culture, history, food, drink, nightlife, where to stay, sights, entertainment, transport and more. It too is very community based, with active forums full of avid travellers chatting away and exchanging tips.
  3. Expedia
    Expedia is the site to head to for booking your holidays and finding good prices and deals on hotels, flights and city breaks. It is especially good for last minute bookings if you are heading somewhere on the whim or at short notice.
  4. Eater
    One for the foodies, is all about restaurants and dining on your trip. It is an authoritative and entertaining guide to restaurants all over the world that will ensure you get the absolute best eating experiences on offer.
  5. Hotel Guru
    An expert guide to hotels. We all know how frustrating ti can be to find a hotel to stay in and finally book it, especially given that there are often hundreds to trawl through, especially in cities. The Hotel Guru makes it that little bit easier, with honest and straight talking reviews and guides.